Sermon Series

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  • Winter 2022

    The Amazing Acts of the Holy Spirit Continue

    A continuation of our previous sermon series, as we join Saul and his journey to a new life in Jesus as Paul.

    January 9: A New Saul

    January 16:

    January 23:

    January 30:

  • Fall 2021

    The Amazing Acts of the Holy Spirit

    The Holy Spirit and its role in the formations of the church and in our current society.

    September 12: The Holy Spirit Church

    September 19: The Church is Born

    September 26: Like Family (Or Closer!)

    October 3: Show What God is Doing

    October 10: The Believers' Prayer

    October 17: Signs and Wonders

    October 24: The Gospel Cannot Be Stopped

    October 31: The Stones and the Harvest

    November 7: The Persecuted Church Multiplies

    November 14: Holy Spirit Appointments

    November 21: The Amazing Acts of the Holy Spirit

  • Summer 2021

    Kingdom Urgency

    How can we develop greater urgency for God's kingdom mission?

  • Lent 2021

    Life Together

    We explore the 10 Commandments and the Beatitudes during this season of Lent.

  • Summer/Fall 2020

    Better Than Normal

    In times of instability, it is common for humanity to strive to “get back to normal.” We’ve seen an unprecedented amount of “instability” this year with Covid-19, nation-wide racial tensions, and an election year full of name calling, finger pointing, and drama. Some things about “normal” are good. But some things about “normal” are not worth settling for.

    What areas should we strive for “better than normal?”  How can we use this time to adapt and prepare ourselves to be more firmly rooted in the Scriptures, more present in our communities, and more engaging with our culture?

    We look forward to having these conversations (even the tough ones) and to emerging on the other side as a stronger, healthier, and more vibrant congregation.

  • Fall 2019

    Walking with Unshakable Hope

    Join us as we learn to Walk with Unshakable Hope, based on Max Lucado's book Unshakable Hope!

  • Lent 2019

    We will focus on listening and aligning our lives with what the Holy Spirit wants to do in and through us. Each Wednesday night, someone from the congregation will reflect on one of the Fruits of the Spirit. On Sunday mornings, we’ll explore how God draws us to Walk in the Spirit through practicing spiritual disciplines, being attentive to the Holy Spirit in worship, living out God’s Word, serving out of our spiritual gifts, and developing greater awareness of the Spirit’s leading in our lives.

  • Winter 2019

    Join us as we explore what it means to Walk with God in Worship. We'll journey through Scripture, and seek after the heart of authentic worship that gives glory to God and shapes us into servants of Christ's kingdom.

  • December 2018

    The Path to Bethlehem

    At this time of year, we get to do a sizeable amount of reflection on our lives, our families, and on the Gospel becoming Flesh through the Christmas Story. This Advent season, we will dig into the qualities of this divine path--the path of Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love that is Jesus. Our Path today should be shaped by this path to Bethlehem--and our encounter with Jesus in Bethlehem should forever change us!

    • December 2--Path of Hope
    • December 9--Path of Peace
    • December 16--Path of Joy
    • December 23--Path of Love
    • December 24--A New Path
    • December 30--Where Does the Path Lead From Here?
  • September-October-November 2018

    ALPHA Sermon Series

    Based on the 11-week ALPHA study.

    • September 9: Life: Is This It?
    • September 16: Jesus: Who Is He?
    • September 23: Why Did Jesus Die?
    • September 30: How Can We Have Faith?
    • October 7: Why and How Do I Pray?
    • October 14: Why and How Should I Read the Bible?
    • October 21: How Does God Guide Us? (Holy Spirit)
    • October 28: Why and How Should I Tell Others?
    • November 4: Does God Heal Today?
    • November 11: What About the Church?
    • November 18: How Can I Make the Most of the Rest of My Life?
  • July/August 2018

    One Another

    How are we to treat one another as Christians? How do we live in the world as God's people? We focus on the "One Anothers" in the Old Testament.

    • July 22: Be at Peace with One Another
    • July 29: Love One Another
    • August 5: Show Humility to One Another
    • August 12: Encourage One Another
  • June/July 2018

    Ephesians: Chosen & Called

    Who are we in Christ? Who does God call us to become? Come discover how God is shaping us into the people He wants us to become!

    • June 3: Chosen in Christ
    • June 10: Chosen for Community
    • June 17: Chosen to Seek First
    • June 24: Called to Build Up
    • July 1: Called to Live in Love
    • July 8: Called to Live Wisely
    • July 15: Called to Live Strong
  • April/May 2018

    Love Does: Discover a Secretly Incredible Life in an Ordinary World.

    Weekly small groups will dive deeper into Sunday's message based on Bob Goff's book and video series.

    • April 15: "I'm with You" provides a platform for you to be fully alive, to take risks, and get involved in bringing heaven to earth. 
    • April 22: "Free to Fail" explores the nature of failure, how it works, and what God does with it—and will help you to see failure as an opportunity for God to change you. 
    • April 29: "Audacious Love" challenges you to open parts of your heart that you may have closed off to let in the extravagant love of God. 
    • May 6: "Be Not Afraid" shows you how to overcome the fears that paralyze you and keep you from demonstrating your love to others. 
    • May 13: "Follow Me" teaches you how to bring your passions and plans together and explores where the Spirit may be nudging you.
  • September/October 2017

    What On Earth Am I Here For?

    Based on the updated version of Rick Warren's best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life.
    • September 17: "You Matter to God"; sermon titled "Live Your Calling"
    • September 24: "You Were Planned for God's Pleasure"; sermon titled "Worship"
    • October 1: "You Were Formed for God's Family"; sermon titled "Fellowship"
    • October 8:"You Were Created to Become Like Christ"; sermon titled "Created to Become Like Christ"
    • October 15: "You Were Shaped for Serving God"; sermon titled "Toward Finding Your Servant Heart"
    • October 22: "You Were Made for a Mission"
  • July/August 2017

    Parables of the Kingdom

    Have you ever heard a story that rattled around in your head and changed the way you see the world? Jesus told surprising stories that upend and reorient our lives. Pastor Kurt shares a three-week series of messages on Jesus’ parables in Matthew 13.

    • July 23: The Sower (Matthew 13:1-23) What’s this crazy farmer doing?
    • July 30: The Weeds and the Wheat (Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43) What do you do when evil lurks in the field?
    • August 6: Snapshots of the Kingdom (Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52) What does God’s kingdom look like in our lives and world? 
  • January 2017

    Taking a TRIP with God's Word--Praying with Scripture

    Four weeks walking through Martin Luther’s prayer pattern, adapted by the people at Mount Carmel Ministries (publishers of the Daily Texts). The TRIP pattern involves the following steps, which you can find in your copy of the Daily Texts. The prayer provided for each day flows out of the daily Scripture verses, using this rhythm. Come take a TRIP with us through God’s Word to the heart of God’s desire for the world! 

    • January 8: Thanks 
    • January 15: Regret 
    • January 22: Intercede 
    • January 29: Purpose
  • April/May 2016

    Our Future Hope

    Revelation 21 and 22  

    • April 24: New Creation 
    • May 1: New Home 
    • May 8: New Life
  • February/March 2016

    Living Lent as People of the Resurrection

    The passion narratives of Christ take on more significant meaning for us when we see them through the lens of the empty tomb. 

    • February 14: Ponder--Luke 5:27-32  
    • February 21: Purpose--Luke 19:1-10  
    • February 28: People--John 10:14-18  
    • March 6: Proclaim--1 Peter 2:9-10
    • March 13: Praise--Psalm 34:1-10
  • February/March 2015

    Epic: The Story God is Telling

    What if all the great stories that have ever moved you, brought you joy or tears—what if they are telling you something about the true Story into which you were born; the Epic into which you have been cast? –John Eldredge

    Join us as we explore themes from the book and video by John Eldredge:  

    • February 22: Epic: The Story God is Telling 

    • March 1: Eternal Love 
    • March 8: The Entrance of Evil 
    • March 15: The Battle for the Heart 
    • March 22: The Kingdom Restored
  • February/March 2015

    Restored in Christ

    How Christ restores the brokenness in our lives and world.  

    • February 18 (Ash Wednesday): Broken Hearts Restored 
    • February 25 (cancelled due to snowstorm) 
    • March 4: Broken Vessel Restored 
    • March 11: Broken Trust Restored 
    • March 18: Broken Bread Restored 
    • March 25: Broken Promises Restored
  • September/October 2014

    Be The Church

    The church is not primarily a building; it is God’s people in action wherever they are called to serve.  This sermon series challenges us to not only “Go to Church” but “Be the Church” — to live out our lives focusing on what it means to be a disciple of Christ.   

    • September 7: “Be the Church: What’s it all About” 
    • September 14: “Be the Church: Gathering in Community/Doing Life Together” 
    • September 21: “Be the Church: Experiencing True Worship” 
    • September 28: “Be the Church: Growing in Christ” 
    • October 5: “Be the Church: Reaching Out”
    • October 12: “Be the Church: Living a Generous Life”
  • July 2014

    The Heart of the Gospel

    Paul's letter to the Romans is written like a symphony, with many different themes weaving together. In chapter 8, several of these themes come to a crescendo as Paul writes about the heart of the gospel: new life in Christ. How do we live out our identity as God's children in our broken, hurting world? Where do we find hope in the midst of suffering? What is God doing to set things right?   

    • July 6: Free at Last! (Rom. 8:1-11) 
    • July 13: Privileges of Being a Child of God (Rom. 8:12-17) 
    • July 20: The Renewal of All Creation (Rom. 8:18-27) 
    • July 27: What Shall We Say? (Rom. 8:28-39)
  • March/April 2014

    The Power of a Whisper

    Learning to hear from heaven as you navigate life on earth In his book The Power of a Whisper, Bill Hybels reminds us that God still speaks relevant words to his followers.

    • March 5: Our Communicating God 
    • March 12: How to Know When You're Hearing From God 
    • March 19: God's Written Whispers 
    • March 26: Light for Dark Nights of the Soul 
    • April 2: When God Speaks Through Others 
    • April 9: Whispers that Change the World
  • January 2014

    Taking Hold of the New Year

    Do you just quietly ease into the New Year, continuing in your normal routines and having the same sense of powerlessness to come against your concerns? Take hold of the opportunity the New Year brings to experience a fresh start for your life. God is a God of fresh starts and he wants to remind you that He will be there for you in a new and mighty way in 2014.

    January 5: Leaving some things behind 

    January 12: Through prayer and worship 

    January 19: Taking Hold of the New Year: With His power 

    January 26: Taking Hold of the New Year: As a family

  • September/October 2013

    Discovering Your Life Story

    What is God doing in the world? What is He working on? And where can I plug in? The role that we get to play in God’s story is still unfolding. Our stories are blank pages that can be filled in with God’s purposes. In this series we discover how our stories are subplots in God’s story and how our lives can be so much richer when we discover our Storyline. In connection with this series, small groups are charting their life stories using Don Miller's Storyline.

    • September 15: What is My Storyline? 
    • September 22: What is the Theme of my Life? 
    • September 29: Redeeming Life’s Negative Turns 
    • October 6: Creating Positive Life Incidents 
    • October 13: Why Your Story Matters 
    • October 20: Sharing Your Story
  • June/July 2013

    A Summer Tour Through Galations

    In this sermon series, the pastors explore a letter from Paul to his friends in Galatia. They were listening to the wrong voices; the core message of the Gospel was being compromised. Are Paul's concerns still relevant in our culture today? What are the core beliefs he calls us to hold on to? To get the most out of this series, read each corresponding chapter of Galatians. You won't want to miss any of these messages!   

    • June 2: Chapter 1 - "I Am Astonished!" 
    • June 9: Chapter 2 - Justified by Faith: Paul's Battle Cry 
    • June 16: Chapter 3 - Jesus: Our Redeemer and Remedy 
    • June 23: Chapter 4 - Welcome to the Family 
    • June 30: Chapter 5 - What is Freedom For? 
    • July 7: Chapter 6 - Sowing and Reaping