Church Library Mission

The Immanuel Lutheran Church Library exists to help people connect to the life changing power of Jesus Christ. We seek to enrich the spiritual and intellectual lives of our congregation by providing materials that encourage and support the ministries of the church.

  • Where is the library and when is it open?

    The library is located across from the Pastors' offices on the second floor of the education wing and is open during church office hours and on Sunday mornings when a Board member is available to assist you.

  • What's available at the library?

    The collection contains a wide variety of adult and ‘Tween’ (ages 10-13) fiction and non-fiction books, as well as Board books, for ages 1-4, and easy reading books for the 5 – 10 year olds.  We have a growing DVD section, a reference section including Old and New Testament commentaries, Bible dictionaries, atlases and concordances, as well as church magazines.

  • How do I check-out materials?

    The check out is by signing the book card in the front of the book or DVD and placing it in the small box on the desk. Books are usually checked out for 3 weeks, DVDs are checked out for one week only. Return all books and DVDs to the large box on the desk.

  • What is the Little Free Library Box outside the church?

    The Little Free Library Box is a resource for anyone in the community, accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "Need a book, Take a book, Read a book, Leave a book." You are welcome to leave any books you no longer read or use in the church library. We highly encourage donations of Christian books and children's books.

  • Questions or Suggestions?

    Contact a member of the Library Board for other questions or suggestions: Linda Doyle, Nancy Sargent, Susan Kinyon, and Sandy Hunt.