The young people in our midst are not "tomorrow's church."  They are today's church!  

We believe that our young people are blessed with great gifts and talents!  Our youth can lead in ways that are valuable to our church today and for the future!  We hope to help them recognize their full potential given to them by Jesus! These young people are changing and will change the world. We have an amazing group of 5-12th grade students here at Immanuel and any other students from the area are encouraged and welcome to join in! Our youth ministry exists to love these students and empower them to fully embrace what it means to be disciples of Jesus.

  • Weekly School Year Activities

    EPICstorycity Youth Group(5th-12th grade): Wednesday Nights during the school year from 6-8 p.m. (Supper at 6:00) 


    Our 5th graders will eat, join in large group worship and games, and then break out to learn about our God-given identity!  Entering middle school can be a season where we are influenced in many healthy and unhealthy ways!  In the midst of it all, we want to learn to view ourselves as Jesus views us:  as beloved children of God!

    6TH- 8TH GRADE

    Along with the meal and worship, middle school EPIC students will learn about and discuss a variety of scriptures and life issues pertaining to middle school students.  In 2021 we discussed Identity in Christ and the Power of Words. In 2022 we'll be focusing on healthy relationships with God, each other, the opposite sex, and parents or authority figures.

    9TH-12TH GRADE

    High Schoolers will have their own small group times!  Usually, we'll join with the large group meal and worship, but we often do our own thing as well and focus on life, issues, and community from the perspective of older students. High School students are free to come and go without needing a formal registration - although we will need basic emergency contact for each regular attending student.


    Participation in EPICstorycity does not require a student to be enrolled in Confirmation.  Nor does it require a student to regularly attend Immanuel!  Many students and families value the Confirmation program, so it is still our intent to pass on the Gospel of Jesus through this program!

    Immanuel's Confirmation program is transitioning to the 6-8th grade years.  This better matches the rhythm of our schools, and it allows the HS students to participate in the area HS youth opportunities as 9th graders! 

    Along with participation in the Wednesday classes, Confirmation students will also do sermon notes, service work, and attend Bible Camp or Christian retreats throughout their Confirmation years.  Again, any students can be part of Confirmation, but we need to know that is what is wanted!  Students fulfilling the expectations of the Confirmation program will be confirmed in the spring of their 8th grade year.

  • How can I get involved?

    Are you interested in helping out with our Youth Ministry here at Immanuel Lutheran Church? Please contact the Church Office and we will get you heading in the right direction!   

    Thank You for taking the time to consider becoming an awesome influence for our youth here at Immanuel. They are amazing kids and they bring great joy to anyone they are around.